Areas of Practice


We represent clients throughout Maryland Virginia and the District of Columbia in a wide variety of cases. Cases include creditor’s rights issues, representing motor vehicle dealers and vendors, resolving employment disputes, enforcing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, seeking redress over failed business transactions or bringing private anti-trust actions. Our appellate litigation experience includes representation of clients in state and federal courts of appeal in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

From Richmond to Roanoke, Newport News to Leesburg, Cumberland to Bel Air to LaPlata, we can assist you in a wide range of cases.

Our extensive trial experience and the use of modern technology enable us to litigate against firms of all sizes and handle cases small and large.

When appropriate, we utilize alternative dispute resolution to benefit our clients. With extensive experience in arbitration, mediation, and neutral case evaluation, we assist in the timely, cost-effective resolution of problems.

Creditors Rights

We represent conventional, SBA and USDA lenders in loan enforcement proceedings throughout the region. We enforce promissory notes, loan agreements and guaranties and recover and help dispose of real estate and personal property collateral in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to contribute significantly to our clients’ successes, by applying to each project sophisticated legal knowledge, a bias for practical solutions, thorough and thoughtful negotiating strategies, and resolute and dedicated representation. We begin by analyzing and understanding the existing loan documents, looking for flaws in title and lien perfection so that any defect can be cured before the borrower, its counsel or another creditor can interfere with the lien position. From there, we develop a strategy based on our client’s goal, whether it is restructuring, reinstatement or enforcement and liquidation.


We provide our clients with the framework to deal constructively with problem loans and bankrupt borrowers and work to produce a favorable resolution of a problem loan. When necessary, we assist lenders in recovering and liquidating real and personal property collateral and litigation in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts, both locally, and in conjunction with local counsel, nationally.


The filing of a bankruptcy petition often disrupts a careful game plan. Rather than viewing a borrower’s bankruptcy as an obstacle, we view it as an opportunity. If the borrower’s management has not been honest or honorable, the Bankruptcy Code gives us the opportunity to bring to light that misconduct and replace management. A sale of bankruptcy assets in a bankruptcy court can yield values that can not be achieved in a private or non-bankruptcy sale of distressed assets.

Bankruptcy also gives borrowers the opportunity to close unsuccessful locations so that it can concentrate on those that are successful and repay its lenders from the profitable operations. We represent secured, undersecured and unsecured lenders, landlords and other creditors in proceedings before the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, including as well as performing services in proceedings at the direction of U.S. bankruptcy trustees appointed by the courts. We are not only experienced bankruptcy attorneys, but also experienced trial attorneys, allowing us to present cohesive, cogent and persuasive arguments to the Court.

Asset Recovery

In the event that a loan goes into default and a foreclosure action becomes necessary, we represent lenders (including acting as substitute trustees when appropriate) in foreclosure actions in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania. In such actions we will review the title, prepare default and statutory notices and advertisements, including 25-day notice letters to the IRS, prepare documentation required by the courts and auditors, attend foreclosure sales, and prepare subsequent court filings and deeds of conveyance.

When necessary, we pursue deficiency judgments and eviction proceedings. In addition, our attorneys possess the experience to handle any unique issues which may arise, including title defects, and mechanic’s liens. We utilize the remedies afforded by state laws, including bringing replevin/detinue actions, pursuing assets through garnishment and attachment, supervising sheriff’s sales and commencing fraudulent conveyance actions.

Acquisitions, Roll-ups, Refinancings, Business Sales

In addition to our general corporate practice, the firm handles acquisitions (both for new entry and for expansions and roll-ups), financings and re-financings for working capital and for acquisitions, and exit transactions through sale, merger or recapitalization. Our focus is on companies with sales ranging from approximately $5 million to $100 million. We have worked on such transactions efficiently, pragmatically and aggressively for individual venture entrepreneurs and funds. The firm has been particularly complimented for our ability to work in a cost effective manner with lenders and lenders’ counsel, selling parties (both of larger and smaller companies) and seller’s counsel, as well as sophisticated buyers and investors.

Examples of transactions include:
  • Acquisition of medical distribution and leasing company; three contemporaneous asset acquisitions with accompanying preferred stock and senior debt line of credit and term loan financing; further add-on acquisitions; refinancing with senior debt, subordinated debt and warrants; and ultimately an exit transaction through a recapitalization and leveraged buy-out transferring control to a leading venture capital buyer.
  • Acquisition and add-on acquisitions of industrial packaging company that now is nationwide in scope, refinancings in connection with its acquisitions, and numerous other agreements in connection with the development and growth of this business.
  • Exit transactions involving private businesses in many fields including information technology/computer software, reprographics, medical distribution and leasing, consulting services, litigation support, electronic security, automotive retail, messenger services, other service businesses, hospitality and retail.

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Business Affairs

Ridberg Aronson provides experienced legal and related business advice, undertakes special projects and negotiations of significance to business clients, and handles the legal affairs and transactions for selected companies, organizations, executives and individuals.
With wide experience in mergers, acquisitions, liquidity events, capital (equity and debt) financings and restructurings Ridberg Aronson brings recognized leadership, management and negotiation skills as a counselor and advisor to executives, boards and businesses in a number of areas including:

  • Capital Formation and Restructuring
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Executive Compensation and Equity Incentives
  • Complex Transactions and Agreements 
  • Overseeing Business Acquisitions, Sales and Restructurings
  • Equity and Debt Transactions,  Recaps and Liquidity Events
  • Leading and Resolving Major Litigations
  • Executive Compensation Terms, Equity and Phantom Equity

Clients have included companies such as Nucor Corporation (nation’s largest mini-mill steel manufacturer), BP Solar, Inc. (subsidiary of British Petroleum), Best Programs, Inc. (software company that grew to be publicly traded before sale to Sage Software),  Manugistics Corporation, Genex Corporation, Medical Specialties Group, Inc. (nationwide distributor of infusion pumps and medical products ultimately sold to Bain Capital), Controlled Products Group, Inc. (regional distributor of gate and perimeter control products), Chick Packaging Group, Inc. (nationwide industrial packaging and services company),  Reprographic Technologies, Inc. (then the largest reprographics company in the Washington DC metropolitan area), KPL Laboratories, Inc. (manufacturer of biological reagent and testing products).

Employment And Labor

We counsel clients in developing personnel policies designed to avoid litigation, and stand ready to resolve disputes through the use of litigation and arbitration when needed. We appear before federal, state, county and local administrative agencies and state and federal courts in the metro area when our clients' rights are at stake.

Examples of our representations include:
  • Represented employer in trade secret litigation against a former officer. Obtained a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the employee.
  • Represented publicly traded corporation in litigation against a former salesperson who violated his covenant not to compete. Obtained injunctive relief and the return of sensitive company property.
  • Developed prototype arbitration program administered by the American Arbitration Association for employers seeking to avoid the unpredictability of jury trials. Implemented the program for multiple employers, reducing the number of claims.
  • Counseled employers about wage and hour issues including overtime and minimum wage compliance.
  • Prepared covenants not to compete, severance agreements, agreements relating to ownership of intellectual property.
  • Conducted internal investigation of alleged sexual harassment and other unlawful employment practice claims.
  • Conducted sexual harassment training for managers.